The Manufacturing Insights Platform
Turn Manufacturing Insight Into Action

Transform operational data into measurable outcomes by driving data driven decision making throughout your organisation.

  • Reduce Waste
  • Optimise Processes
  • Increase Productivity
  • Drive Profitability

“MIP is a game changer in the future of manufacturing performance and execution."

Deployed to all


  • All machines
  • Any data
  • One Core

MIP securely integrates your machines, PLCs, and other systems, creating a unified and comprehensive view of your manufacturing operations.

Where there's data, MIP will surface it, translate it, and present it in a way designed to give you the answers that drive profitability.

Screenshot of Operator Dashboard UI

See how we extracted data from manual processes using AI


MIP is machine agnostic.

Surface and harness data from any machine - regardless of age, brand or model.

Deployed to all

Your data - displayed with purpose .

  • Same Data
  • Different Views
  • Informed Decisions

MIP’s operator dashboards provide live and historic insights to machine operators for the machine and job they are working on, designed to help them to do their job better.

Sitting on a screen at every machine, MIP streamlines both data entry and reporting.

Answer these questions

  • "What was this machine's output over the past hour?”
  • “What were the reasons for downtime on this machine in the last 30 days?”
  • “How has coolant temperature varied during this run?”
mip dashboards

See how we unearth actionable insights at a glance


Expand Your Operational Intelligence With MIP Modules

  • Advanced analytics
  • Specialist knowledge
  • Enhanced Insights

MIP Core has been designed to act as a service bus for operational data meaning it acts as a foundation for additional modules.

Screenshot of Operator Dashboard UI

Available modules


ERP, PLM & MES Integrations

An ever expanding list of two way integrations with manufacturing software systems to enrich the real data from the shop floor.


MIP Production

Turns real world operational data into prescriptive ways of enhancing factory throughput.


Customised Modules

Have an application in mind that you don't see? Explore how MIP Core can be the perfect foundation to build something bespoke.


Connects to every machine on the shop floor

Dashboards designed around real decision making

Decisions democratised throughout the business

Deployed on premise or on cloud

Intuitively designed

Data AI ready

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"Connecting all our machines and sensors on our shop floor will be a game-changer, significantly boosting productivity. The user-friendly interface and data visualisations will empower our teams, fostering genuine collaboration and informed decision-making.

MIP's capability to visualise the entire shop floor in real-time will provide us with an unprecedented level of insight, allowing us to spot opportunities and challenges instantly, MIP will enhance our manufacturing capabilities and support our continued growth plans while enabling our expansion of our geographical manufacturing portfolio.

MIP is a game changer in the future of manufacturing performance and execution."

Built with World Leading Expertise

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